Made in Sheffield – A Cutting Edge As Soft As Wool

Made in Sheffield – A Cutting Edge as Soft as Wool.

Made in Sheffield has always been a symbol of quality with worldwide appeal.
Famous for our Steel production and craftsmanship and dedication to traditional hands on manufacturing means our products are sought after the world over.


So its not without the proverbial lump in the old throat that we are proud to announce that have been awarded a licence to display the ‘Made In Sheffield’ Logo. This is a real win for us because now our beautiful creations can now be counted alongside quality crafted products from Sheffield such as cutlery, jewellery, healthcare and outstanding technological developments and the creative Bexknitwear. This amazing organisation has become a hub for all the home-grown companies out there, proudly flying the flag of their beloved city.


Check out our site and look for the Made in Sheffield logomade-in-sheffield-large and know that the standard of quality and the dedication to produce that quality is set firmly in this cities rich heritage.

Madame Clikety Click xx


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