Information BexKnitwear

How the measurements are taken?

If you have a jumper that is the size you want, lay it flat and take the measurements from that starting with underarm to cuff, back of neck to bottom or however long you want it and across the chest over one half then double it to get the true measurements you require.

How do I order from your website?

Email or phone your order,  leaving your name and contact telephone number as it saves time if I need to discuss requirements.

How do I pay for my sweater?

By bank transfer, paypal, credit card, cheque or you can send cash but at your own risk

Is it machine knitted?

No, they are all knitted by HAND with knitting needles

Is it machine washable?

99% are machine washable with the exceptions of mohair and delicate wool.  I always put  washing instructions from the ball band in the description; then you know exactly how to wash the sweater.

Can you knit names, slogans or pictures?

If I can draw it I can put it on a jumper. No problem.

Do you knit to order?

Yes, just phone or email me with what you require.

I have seen a jumper I like on your website, but I have long arms, can you knit them longer for my jumper?

Yes, I can make jumpers to fit your exact size. Just let me know your measurements.

How long does it take to knit a jumper?

Depends on how easy or difficult the jumper is, probably on average 2 – 3 weeks as they are all done by hand