Wedding Jumpers are Becoming Hot this Christmas

Is it me or is the weather taking a turn for something other than the tropical. Now I know we are in the woolly jumper business but I wouldn’t wish the lovely summer away for anyone. Turns out though that a great bunch of you have been making the most of the inclement weather in the past and scooping up our jumpers and including them in your wedding celebrations.

Remember when the best thing about the best day of your life was the end of the speeches or the breath taking first steps of a bride on the dance floor? Well now we can forget all about that.

Our beloved jumper wearers have shown us the light and possibly the future of all weddings. Picture this: the bride and groom floating down the aisle adorned in a couple of bexknitwear originals. Okay perhaps that is a little mind stretch too far. Or maybe it’s not too far off into the distant future.

Check out what Louise Chu ordered and presented to the happy couple on their wedding day, opened in front of all their guests. Louise got the idea when she saw our original penguin design on one of our jumpers featured on our website Requesting the Mr and Mrs motif was just her way of making the jumpers more personal and we were happy to oblige. This proved to be a great gift to give the lovely couple and as Louise said, they loved them.


Exchanging gifts between the bride and groom is also a good idea and with a little more personalization you can have something like Mr and Mrs Caton had. They had us decorate their seasonal jumpers with their names as well as the date they were married. Congratulations you two.

And finally, its congratulations to Mr and Mrs P on their very special day and their new jumpers. Shannee had an idea for her mother’s wedding gift and it was to give the happy couple two personalized jumpers for their honeymoon in New York, just in case they and everyone they saw needed reminding that they were married. I don’t think they minded. Looks like they were more than happy with their new jumpers. And from the looks of that last picture I think they needed them.

Job Done.

If you are looking for ideas for unexpected gifts and there’s a wedding coming up, perhaps matching jumpers for the groom and best man or parents of the happy couple then get in touch and we’ll do our part help create a special day they will never forget.


Madame Clickety Click

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