Soap And Glory – Scrubbing Up For Christmas With Our Jumpers

Soap And Glory – Scrubbing Up For Christmas With Our Jumpers


Looks like everyone’s gearing up for Christmas and it seems looking the part has never been so important. But when you think of a traditional Christmas the colours that spring to mind may just be red, green and white. But I know what you’re thinking:

Where’s the pink?

Well those guys at Soap and glory are looking to dress Christmas up all in pink, for the most part. Wait! Are they trying to pull the wool over our eyes. No. That would be our job.

In case you didn’t know Soap and Glory are at home in Boots stores around the country and offering a massive selection of Cosmetics. Alongside one of our tasty jumpers their unique range of care products would make great gift this Christmas.

In kicking off their celebrations they asked us to create a jumper in super quick time for their latest promotion; a jumper with a distinct Christmassy feel. Check out the pic of the Jumper. Here it is in a striking lipstick pink and a sparkly silver lurex running through the seasonal message. Thanks Soap and Glory and Gwen their lovely PR lady who was over the moon with the service and couldn’t wait to see the jumper.

Check out, dear readers our Jumper in action. Looking good I’d say.

If you’d like to check out our range of jumpers available or have an idea for your own personal jumper for yourself, a loved one or for your latest project, just like Soap and Glory did, then click on over to our website.

And until then here’s to a gentle rumble forward towards a very Merry Christmas to you all.


Madame Clickety Click

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