Art of knitting….knitting is an art so rarely passed on learn be one of the few who can demonstrate the art but make sure you pass it on so the art of knitting never dies

Be creative…get those juices flowing..create your own designs, be original, be the envy of all your friends with your own hand knitted creations

Cardigans…like your granny used to wear, complete with pocket for the hankie…or a long trendy one, nice cropped mohair one, thick chunky winter one…the list is endless

Do it whenever you want..pick up the needles anytime you want…you decide when and where, there is never a right or wrong time to knit

Easy to learn..then progress to the more complex stitches and cable, fair isle, moss stitch, blackberry stitch

For rewarding is that..knit blankets square, children’s clothes…all gratefully received

Great way to de stress..sit there, relax,click the needles and drift away

Hanks of wool, balls of wool, cones of wool, knitting yarns comes in all guises

I can do it..picking up knitting is easy as knit one purl one..all you need is wool needles and a comfy chair

Jumpers..chunky, mohair, long sleeve, short sleeve, tank tops, aran, round neck, v neck, striped, plain…phew the list is endless.

K is for knitting….what else?

Love to knit once you have the will love it..relaxing, rewarding and a very original hobby…..everyone loves hand knits they are so original

Make money…hand knits are much sought after and as the craft is dying out..make sure you put your craft to good use..sell at craft fairs, markets, to retail outlets, websites many people can you count who can hand knit a jumper or cardigan ????

Patterns……easy ones to start with then progress if you want….you decide

Quick fingers, once you get experienced see how quick your fingers will click those needles

Round neck, v neck, scoop neck, fisherman’s neck, cowl neck, slash neck, polo neck

Stitch..purl, knit, cable, increase, decrease, and of course drop stitch, it happens to the best of us

Tank tops..create your own style..very retro…put your initial on front, do plain, stripes…just like the Osmond’s used to wear

Unique… your hand knits cannot be bought in any main stream shops…why be seen in something everyone is seen unique…people will ask you ‘where did you get that jumper’ ??

Valium ..who needs it when you can knit. ?.it is a great natural de stresser…..try it

Wear with pride..all your own work good eh !

Xmas..what an great present to give..not to be found in any fashion chain shop, your family and friends will be so pleased with such an original gift of hand knitted jumper, cardigan scarf or even socks for the special man/woman in your life!

Yarn…mohair, cotton, acrylic, merino, alpaca, thick or thin you whatever you prefer

Z.zzzzzzzz so relaxing you can sometimes nod off………….

About the author: Rebecca Galeney loves knitting and teaching other people how to knit, she has been knitting for over 35 years. Designs her own knitwear collections both adults and children’s in her website please take a look