In this day and age of computers and fast living and strains of everyday life no time to relax, a great way to de-stress is to knit, it is a highly relaxing form of art, many famous people use knitting to relax and make something that you can be proud of. To see something completed that you have worked so hard on is very rewarding, an achievement and very satisfying.

Make a sweater for nothing using recycled yarn, find free knitting patterns on the Internet. Visit a library for those knitting books with endless knitting patterns and how to knit instructions.

All knitting instructions use two basic knitting stitches, the knit stitch and the purl stitch once you know these two stitches you will be able to follow most knitting instructions which are just variations and combinations of those two knitting stitches used in various ways.

Start with easy patterns do not be too ambitious with your first attempt and work to increase your skill level which will come with more practice, the most important thing of all is to enjoy it.

When you find yourself with a little free time pick up your knitting and create yourself a sweater you can say is unique and I made that.

Everyone is looking for something that is original and different, knit for others.

Consider opening your home and hosting a knitting class for neighbours and friends once a week to gather and enjoy the pleasure of teaching them a new skill, you will enjoy the company and learn tips from others.

Think about birthday and Christmas presents you could make rather than purchase, you will have fun making them, save money on gifts and add that personal touch that means so much to people if they think you have spent all that time and effort making them personally a gift that is so special.

There are many great ideas out there to help you be creative. Once you have made your sweater, cardigan or scarf there are many places you can sell your knitted garments on auction sites to make you money or craft fairs, you will be very popular everyone is looking for that something a little bit different and they will pay good money. Create your own wealth and success.


Rebecca Galeney loves knitting and teaching other people to knit, she has been knitting for over 35 years. Designs and knits her own knitwear collections both adults and childrens in her website please take a look